National Flag


Name of Service: Royal Canadian Navy
Ship Prefix: HMCS - Her Majesty's Candian Ship
Date Formed: 1910
Official Website/s:
March: Heart of Oak
Motto: Ready, Aye Ready
(Strength) Personnel: 8500 + 5000 reserves
Vessels on World Warships: 116

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designationsort icon
Halifax Halifax 330 Frigate
Vancouver Halifax 331 Frigate
Ville de Quebec Halifax 332 Frigate
Toronto Halifax 333 Frigate
Regina Halifax 334 Frigate
Calgary Halifax 335 Frigate
Montreal Halifax 336 Frigate
Fredericton Halifax 337 Frigate
Winnipeg Halifax 338 Frigate
Charlottetown Halifax 339 Frigate
St. John's Halifax 340 Frigate
Ottawa Halifax 341 Frigate
Kingston Kingston 700 Patrol Boat
Glace Bay Kingston 701 Patrol Boat
Nanaimo Kingston 702 Patrol Boat
Edmonton Kingston 703 Patrol Boat
Shawinigan Kingston 704 Patrol Boat
Whitehorse Kingston 705 Patrol Boat
Yellowknife Kingston 706 Patrol Boat
Goose Bay Kingston 707 Patrol Boat
Moncton Kingston 708 Patrol Boat
Saskatoon Kingston 709 Patrol Boat
Brandon Kingston 710 Patrol Boat
Summerside Kingston 711 Patrol Boat

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designationsort icon
Protecteur Protecteur 509 Replenishment Oiler
Preserver Protecteur 510 Replenishment Oiler
Provider Provider 508 Replenishment Oiler
Ontario Minotaur 32 Light Cruiser
Bonaventure Majestic 22 Aircraft Carrier
Athabaskan Tribal 219 Destroyer
St. Clair Wickes I65 Destroyer
Salisbury Wickes I52 Destroyer
Niagara Wickes I57 Destroyer
Hamilton Wickes I24 Destroyer
Annapolis Wickes I04 Destroyer
Columbia Wickes I49 Destroyer
Athabaskan Tribal G07 Destroyer
Huron Tribal 216 Destroyer
Haida Tribal 215 Destroyer
Iroquois Tribal 217 Destroyer
Micmac Tribal 214 Destroyer
Nootka Tribal 213 Destroyer
Cayuga Tribal 218 Destroyer
Algonquin Valentine ('V') 224 Destroyer
Sioux Valentine ('V') 225 Destroyer
Crescent Crescent ('Cr') 226 Destroyer
Crusader Crescent ('Cr') 228 Destroyer
Buxton Clemson H96 Destroyer

Future Ships

Name Class Hull Number Pennant Designationsort icon
Queenstown Type 704 (Berlin) Combat Support Ship
Chateauguay Type 704 (Berlin) Combat Support Ship