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National Flag


Name of Service: Royal Canadian Navy
Ship Prefix: HMCS - Her Majesty's Candian Ship
Date Formed: 1910
Official Website/s:
March: Heart of Oak
Motto: Ready, Aye Ready
(Strength) Personnel: 8500 + 5000 reserves
Vessels on World Warships: 116

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Summerside Kingston 711 Patrol Boat
Toronto Halifax 333 Frigate
Vancouver Halifax 331 Frigate
Victoria Upholder 876 Submarine
Ville de Quebec Halifax 332 Frigate
Whitehorse Kingston 705 Patrol Boat
Windsor Upholder 877 Submarine
Winnipeg Halifax 338 Frigate
Yellowknife Kingston 706 Patrol Boat

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Fraser St Laurent 233 Frigate
Fundy Bay 159 Coastal Minesweeper
Gaspe Bay Coastal Minesweeper
Gatineau Restigouche 236 Frigate
Haida Tribal 215 Destroyer
Hamilton Wickes I24 Destroyer
Huron Iroquois 281 Helicopter Destroyer
Huron Tribal 216 Destroyer
Iroquois Iroquois 280 Helicopter Destroyer
Iroquois Tribal 217 Destroyer
Jonquiere Prestonian 318 Anti-Submarine Frigate
Kapuskasing Algerine J326 Ocean Minesweeper
Kootenay Restigouche 258 Frigate
Mackenzie Mackenzie 261 Frigate
Margaree St Laurent 230 Frigate
Micmac Tribal 214 Destroyer
Middlesex Algerine J328 Ocean Minesweeper
Miramichi Bay 163 Coastal Minesweeper
New Liskeard Algerine J397 Ocean Minesweeper
Niagara Wickes I57 Destroyer
Nipigon Annapolis 266 Frigate
Nootka Tribal 213 Destroyer
Ojibwa Oberon 72 Submarine
Okanagan Oberon 74 Submarine