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National Flag

Name of Service: Republic of Fiji Military Forces
Ship Prefix: RFNS - Republic of Fiji Naval Ship
Date Formed: 25 July 1975
(Strength) Personnel: 300
Vessels on World Warships: 10

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Kikau ASI-315 202 Patrol Boat
Kiro ASI-315 203 Patrol Boat
Kula ASI-315 201 Patrol Boat
Lautoka Levuka 102 Patrol Boat
Levuka Levuka 101 Patrol Boat
Ogo Dabur 302 Patrol Boat
Saku Dabur 303 Patrol Boat
Saqa Dabur 304 Patrol Boat
Vai Dabur 301 Patrol Boat

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Kula Redwing (MSC 200) 205 Coastal Minesweeper