National Flag


Name of Service: Indian Navy
Ship Prefix: INS - Indian Naval Ship
Date Formed: 1947
Anniversary: 4 December: Navy Day
Colours: Navy Blue, White
Motto: May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious unto us
(Strength) Personnel: 58500
Vessels on World Warships: 210

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
- Vasco da Gama L35 Landing Craft Heavy
- Vasco da Gama L36 Landing Craft Heavy
- Vasco da Gama L37 Landing Craft Heavy
- Vasco da Gama L40 Landing Craft Heavy
- SDB Mk3 T58 Patrol Boat
- SDB Mk3 T59 Patrol Boat
Abhay Pauk II P33 Patrol Boat
Aditya Aditya A59 Replenishment Oiler
Airavat Shardul L24 Landing Ship Tank
Ajay Pauk II P34 Patrol Boat
Aksay Pauk II P35 Patrol Boat
Alleppy Natya (Project 266M) M65 Ocean Minesweeper
Anjadip Petya (Project 159AE) P73 Frigate
Bangaram SDB Mk3 (Mod) T65 Patrol Boat
Baratang SDB Mk3 (Mod) T68 Patrol Boat
Bati Malv SDB Mk3 (Mod) T67 Patrol Boat
Beas Bramaputra F37 Guided Missile Frigate
Bitra SDB Mk3 (Mod) T66 Patrol Boat
Bramaputra Bramaputra F31 Guided Missile Frigate
Cankarso Car Nicobar T73
Cannanore Natya (Project 266M) M68 Ocean Minesweeper
Car Nicobar Car Nicobar T69
Chakra Akula II (Project 09710) Submarine (Nuclear)
Cheetah Polnocny D (Project 773IM) L18 Landing Ship Medium

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
- SDB Mk3 T57 Patrol Boat
Agray Pauk II P36 Patrol Boat
Ajay Ajay P3135 Patrol Boat
Akshay Ajay P3136 Patrol Boat
Amba Urga (Projct 1886) A54 Submarine Tender
Amini Petya (Project 159AE) P75 Frigate
Arnala Petya (Project 159AE) P68 Frigate
Beas Leopard (Type 41) F37 Frigate
Bedi Natya (Project 266M) M63 Ocean Minesweeper
Bengal Bathurst J243 Corvette
Betwa Bramaputra F39 Guided Missile Frigate
Betwa Leopard (Type 41) F38 Frigate
Bhavnagar Natya (Project 266M) M64 Ocean Minesweeper
Bombay Bathurst J249 Corvette
Brahmaputra Leopard (Type 41) F31 Frigate
Chakra Charlie I (Project 670 Skat) S71 Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Deepak Deepak A50 Replenishment Oiler
Delhi Leander (cruiser) C74 Light Cruiser
Dunagiri Leander F36 Frigate
Ganga Hunt (Type II) D94 Destroyer Escort
Gharial Polnocny A (Project 770) L12 Landing Ship Medium
Ghorpad Polnocny C (Project 773) L14 Landing Ship Medium
Godavari Godavari F20 Frigate
Godavari Hunt (Type II) D92 Destroyer Escort

Future Ships

Name Class Hull Number Pennant Designation
- Scorpene 52 S52 Submarine
- Scorpene 53 S53 Submarine
- Scorpene 54 S54 Submarine
- Scorpene 55 S55 Submarine
- LPD (India) Landing Ship Dock
- LPD (India) Landing Ship Dock
- LPD (India) Landing Ship Dock
- LPD (India) Landing Ship Dock
Aridhaman Arihant Submarine (Nuclear)
Arihant Arihant Submarine (Nuclear)
Kalvari Scorpene 50 S50 Submarine
Kavaratti Kamorta 31 P31 Corvette
Khanderi Scorpene 51 S51 Submarine
Kiltan Kamorta 30 P30 Corvette
Mormugao Visakhapatnam (Project 15B) 68 D68 Guided Missile Destroyer
Paradip Visakhapatnam (Project 15B) 69 D69 Guided Missile Destroyer
Porbandar Visakhapatnam (Project 15B) 67 D67 Guided Missile Destroyer
Vikrant Vikrant Aircraft Carrier
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam (Project 15B) 66 D66 Guided Missile Destroyer