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National Flag


Name of Service: Indian Navy
Ship Prefix: INS - Indian Naval Ship
Date Formed: 1947
Anniversary: 4 December: Navy Day
Colours: Navy Blue, White
Motto: May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious unto us
(Strength) Personnel: 58500
Vessels on World Warships: 210

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Khutar Khukri P46 Corvette
Kirch Kora P62 Corvette
Kirpan Khukri P44 Corvette
Kochi Kolkata D64 Guided Missile Destroyer
Kolkata Kolkata D63 Guided Missile Destroyer
Kondul Car Nicobar T74
Konkan Natya (Project 266M) M72 Ocean Minesweeper
Kora Kora P61 Corvette
Kora Divh Car Nicobar T71
Koswari Car Nicobar T77
Kozhikode Natya (Project 266M) M71 Ocean Minesweeper
Kulish Kora P63 Corvette
Kumbhir Polnocny D (Project 773IM) L22 Landing Ship Medium
Magar Magar L20 Landing Ship Tank
Mahish Polnocny D (Project 773IM) L19 Landing Ship Medium
Mangala Vasco da Gama L39 Landing Craft Heavy
Midhur Vasco da Gama L38 Landing Craft Heavy
Mumbai Delhi D62 Guided Missile Destroyer
Mysore Delhi D60 Guided Missile Destroyer
Nashak Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) K83 Patrol Combatant
Nirbhik Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) K41 Patrol Combatant
Nirdeshak Sandhayak J19 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Nirghat Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) K44 Patrol Combatant
Nirupak Sandhayak J14 Hydrographic Survey Ship

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Taragiri Leander F41 Frigate
Tillingchang SDB Mk3 (Mod) T62 Patrol Boat
Tir Rother (River) F256 Frigate
Trishul Whitby (Type 12) F43 Frigate
Udaygiri Leander F35 Frigate
Vagli Foxtrot S42 Submarine
Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama L34 Landing Craft Heavy
Veer Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) K40 Patrol Combatant
Vela Foxtrot S40 Submarine
Vikrant Majestic R11 Aircraft Carrier
Vindhyagiri Leander F42 Frigate
Viraat Centaur 22 Aircraft Carrier