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National Flag


Name of Service: Indian Navy
Ship Prefix: INS - Indian Naval Ship
Date Formed: 1947
Anniversary: 4 December: Navy Day
Colours: Navy Blue, White
Motto: May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious unto us
(Strength) Personnel: 58500
Vessels on World Warships: 210

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Nishank Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) K43 Patrol Combatant
Prabal Tarantul IV (Project 12421) K91 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Pralaya Tarantul IV (Project 12421) K92 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Rajkamal SDB Mk3 T60 Patrol Boat
Rajput Rajput D51 Guided Missile Destroyer
Rana Rajput D52 Guided Missile Destroyer
Ranjit Rajput D53 Guided Missile Destroyer
Ranvijay Rajput D55 Guided Missile Destroyer
Ranvir Rajput D54 Guided Missile Destroyer
Sagardhwani Sagardhwani A74 Oceanographic Research Ship
Sahyadri Shivalik (Project 17) F49 Guided Missile Frigate
Sandhayak Sandhayak J18 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Sarvekshak Sandhayak J22 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Saryu Saryu P54 Offshore Patrol Vessel
Satpura Shivalik (Project 17) F48 Guided Missile Frigate
Savitri Sukanya P53 Large Patrol Ship
Shakti Deepak A57 Fleet Oiler
Shalki Type 209 / 1500 S46 Submarine
Shankul Type 209 / 1500 S47 Submarine
Shankush Type 209 / 1500 S45 Submarine
Sharda Sukanya P55 Large Patrol Ship
Shardul Shardul L24 Landing Ship Tank
Shishumar Type 209 / 1500 S44 Submarine
Shivalik Shivalik (Project 17) F47 Guided Missile Frigate