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New Zealand

National Flag

Name of Service: Royal New Zealand Navy
Ship Prefix: HMNZS - Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship
Date Formed: 1 October 1941
March: Heart of Oak
Vessels on World Warships: 34

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Canterbury Canterbury 421 Fleet Support Ship
Endeavour Endeavour A11 Replenishment Oiler
Hawea Taupo P3571 Patrol Boat
Kahu Moa A04 Patrol Boat
Otago Otago (Protector) 148 Offshore Patrol Vessel
Pukaki Taupo P3568 Patrol Boat
Resolution Stalwart A14 Ocean Surveillance Ship
Rotoiti Taupo P3569 Patrol Boat
Taupo Taupo P3570 Patrol Boat
Te Kaha Anzac F77 Frigate
Te Mana Anzac F111 Frigate
Wellington Otago (Protector) 55 Offshore Patrol Vessel

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Canterbury Leander F421 Frigate
Echuca Bathurst M252 Corvette
Hawea Lake P3571 Patrol Boat
Hickleton Ton M1131 Coastal Minesweeper
Hinau Moa P3556 Patrol Boat
Inverell Bathurst Corvette
Kiama Bathurst M353 Corvette
Kiwi Moa P3554 Patrol Boat
Moa Moa P3553 Patrol Boat
Otago Rothesay (Type 12M) F111 Frigate
Pukaki Lake P3568 Patrol Boat
Rotoiti Lake P3569 Patrol Boat
Santon Ton M1178 Coastal Minesweeper
Southland Leander (Ikara Conversion) F104 Frigate
Stawell Bathurst M348 Corvette
Takapu Moa A Patrol Boat
Taranaki Rothesay (Type 12M) F148 Frigate
Tarapunga Moa A Patrol Boat
Taupo Lake P3570 Patrol Boat
Waikato Leander F55 Frigate
Wakakura Moa P3555 Patrol Boat
Wellington Leander F69 Frigate