National Flag

Name of Service: Republic of China Navy
Ship Prefix: ROCS - Republic of China Ship
Date Formed: 1924
(Strength) Personnel: 38000
Vessels on World Warships: 136

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Chang Chiang Jing Chiang 615 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Chang Chien PFG-2 1109 Frigate
Cheng De La Fayette 1208 Frigate
Cheng Ho PFG-2 1103 Frigate
Cheung Kung PFG-2 1101 Frigate
Chi Kuang PFG-2 1105 Frigate
Chu Chiang Jing Chiang 617 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Chung Cheng Casa Grande 191 Landing Ship Dock
Chung Ho Newport 232 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Ping Newport 233 Landing Ship Tank
Dang Chiang Jing Chiang 605 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Fen Yang Knox 934 Frigate
Feng Chiang Jing Chiang 607 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Feng Jia Oliver Hazard Perry (long hull) 1112 Guided Missile Frigate
Fong Yang Knox 933 Frigate
Hai Hu Hai Lung 794 Submarine
Hai Lung Hai Lung 793 Submarine
Hai Shih Guppy II 791 Submarine
Hsi Ning La Fayette 1203 Frigate
Hsiang Chiang Jing Chiang 611 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hwai Yang Knox 937 Frigate
Jin Chiang Jing Chiang 610 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Jing Chiang Jing Chiang 603 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Kang Ting La Fayette 1202 Frigate

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
- Admirable Fleet Minesweeper
- Admirable Fleet Minesweeper
- Admirable Fleet Minesweeper
Chang Bai Patapsco 507 Gasoline Tanker
Chen Hai Casa Grande 192 Landing Ship Dock
Chen Yang Gearing (Fram I) 928 Destroyer
Chi Yang Knox 932 Frigate
Chien Yang Gearing (Fram I) 912 Destroyer
Chung Cheng LST-542 224 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Chiang LST-542 225 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Chih LST-542 226 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Chuan LST-542 221 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Fu LST-542 223 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Hsing LST-542 204 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Hsun LST-542 208 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Kuang LST-491 216 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Lien LST-542 209 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Ming LST-542 227 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Suo LST-1 217 Landing Ship Tank
Chung Yeh LST-542 231 Landing Ship Tank
Dang Yang Gearing (Fram II) 911 Destroyer
Fu Yang Gearing (Fram II) 907 Destroyer
Hae Yang Knox 936 Frigate
Hai Pao Hai Shih 792 Submarine

Future Ships

Name Class Hull Number Pennant Designation
Pan Shih Pan Shih 505 Combat Support Ship