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United States of America (MSC)

National Flag


Name of Service: Military Sealift Command
Ship Prefix: USNS
Vessels on World Warships: 150

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Gilliland Gordon 298
Gordon Gordon 296
Grapple Safeguard 53 Salvage Ship
Grasp Safeguard 51 Salvage Ship
Guam Alakai 1 High Speed Transport
GySgt Fred W. Stockham Shughart 3017 Vehicle Cargo Ship
Hayes Hayes 195 Miscellaneous Auxiliary
Henson Pathfinder 63 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Impeccable Impeccable 23 Ocean Surveillance Ship
John Glenn Montford Point 2
Lawrence H. Gianella Paul Buck 1125 Transport Oiler
Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark 1 Fleet Supply Ship
Lewis B. Puller Montford Point 3
Loyal Victorious 22 Ocean Surveillance Ship
Mary Sears Pathfinder 65 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Matthew Perry Lewis and Clark 9 Fleet Supply Ship
Maury Maury (Mod. Pathfinder) 66 Hydrographic Survey Ship
Medgar Evers Lewis and Clark 13 Fleet Supply Ship
Melville Robert D. Conrad 14 Survey Ship
Mendonca Bob Hope 303
Mercy Mercy 19 Hospital Ship
Millinocket Spearhead 3
Mohawk Powhatan 170 Fleet Ocean Tug
Montford Point Montford Point 1

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
LST-535 LST-491 535 Landing Ship Tank
LST-587 LST-542 587 Landing Ship Tank
LST-590 LST-542 590 Landing Ship Tank
LST-600 LST-542 600 Landing Ship Tank
LST-607 LST-542 607 Landing Ship Tank
LST-613 LST-542 613 Landing Ship Tank
LST-616 LST-542 616 Landing Ship Tank
LST-623 LST-542 623 Landing Ship Tank
LST-625 LST-542 625 Landing Ship Tank
LST-626 LST-542 626 Landing Ship Tank
LST-627 LST-542 627 Landing Ship Tank
LST-629 LST-542 629 Landing Ship Tank
LST-630 LST-542 630 Landing Ship Tank
LST-643 LST-542 643 Landing Ship Tank
LST-649 LST-542 649 Landing Ship Tank
LST-652 LST-542 652 Landing Ship Tank
LST-657 LST-542 657 Landing Ship Tank
LST-664 LST-542 664 Landing Ship Tank
LST-694 LST-542 694 Landing Ship Tank
Lynch Robert D. Conrad 7 Survey Ship
Mispillion Ashtabula 105 Small Fleet Oiler
Mississinewa Neosho 144 Small Fleet Oiler
Narragansett Powhatan 167 Fleet Ocean Tug
Navasota Ashtabula 106 Small Fleet Oiler