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United States of America (USCG)

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Coast Guard
Ship Prefix: USCGC - United States Coast Guard Cutter
Vessels on World Warships: 314

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Isaac Mayo Sentinel 1112 Fast Response Cutter
John McCormick Sentinel 1121 Fast Response Cutter
Joseph Napier Sentinel 1115 Fast Response Cutter
Joseph Tezanos Sentinel 1118 Fast Response Cutter
Joshua James Legend 754 National Security Cutter (Large)
Juniper Juniper 201 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Kathleen Moore Sentinel 1109 Fast Response Cutter
Key Largo Island 1324 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Kiska Island 1336 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Knight Island Island 1348 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Kodiak Island Island 1341 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Lawrence Lawson Sentinel 1120 Fast Response Cutter
Legare Bear 912 Medium Endurance Cutter
Liberty Island 1334 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Long Island Island 1342 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Mako Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87303 Patrol Boat
Manowar Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87330 Patrol Boat
Margaret Norvell Sentinel 1105 Fast Response Cutter
Marlin Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87304 Patrol Boat
Matinicus Island 1315 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Maui Island 1304 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Mellon Hamilton 717 High-Endurance Cutter
Midgett Hamilton 726 High-Endurance Cutter
Mohawk Bear 913 Medium Endurance Cutter

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Manitowoc Tacoma Frigate
Mariposa Balsam 397 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Matagorda Casco 373 High-Endurance Cutter
Matagorda Island 1303 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Mesquite Balsam 305 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Metompkin Island 1325 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Monhegon Island 1305 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Morgenthau Hamilton 722 High-Endurance Cutter
Muskegon Tacoma Frigate
Nantucket Island 1316 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Nunivak Island 1306 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Objibwa Manitou 97 Medium Harbour Tug
Padre Island 1328 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Pawpaw Balsam 308 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Pea Island Island 1347 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Planetree Balsam 307 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Point Arden Point 82309 Patrol Boat
Point Arena Point 82346 Patrol Boat
Point Baker Point 82342 Patrol Boat
Point Banks Point 82327 Patrol Boat
Point Barnes Point 82371 Patrol Boat
Point Barrow Point 82348 Patrol Boat
Point Batan Point 82340 Patrol Boat
Point Bennett Point 82351 Patrol Boat