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United States of America (USCG)

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Coast Guard
Ship Prefix: USCGC - United States Coast Guard Cutter
Vessels on World Warships: 314

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Monomoy Island 1326 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Munro Legend 755 National Security Cutter (Large)
Mustang Island 1310 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Naushon Island 1311 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Northland Bear 904 Medium Endurance Cutter
Ocracoke Island 1307 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Orcas Island 1327 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Osprey Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87307 Patrol Boat
Paul Clark Sentinel 1106 Fast Response Cutter
Polar Sea Polar Star 11 Coast Guard Icebreaker
Polar Star Polar Star 10 Coast Guard Icebreaker
Raymond Evans Sentinel 1110 Fast Response Cutter
Reef Shark Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87371 Patrol Boat
Reliance Reliance 615 Medium Endurance Cutter
Resolute Reliance 620 Medium Endurance Cutter
Richard Dixon Sentinel 1113 Fast Response Cutter
Richard Etheridge Sentinel 1102 Fast Response Cutter
Roanoke Island Island 1346 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Robert Yered Sentinel 1104 Fast Response Cutter
Rollin Fritch Sentinel 1119 Fast Response Cutter
Sanibel Island 1312 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Sapelo Island 1314 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Sea Devil Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87368 Patrol Boat
Sea Dog Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87373 Patrol Boat

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Point Bonita Point 82347 Patrol Boat
Point Bridge Point 82338 Patrol Boat
Point Brower Point 82372 Patrol Boat
Point Brown Point 82362 Patrol Boat
Point Camden Point 82373 Patrol Boat
Point Carrew Point 82374 Patrol Boat
Point Caution Point 82301 Patrol Boat
Point Charles Point 82361 Patrol Boat
Point Chico Point 82339 Patrol Boat
Point Clear Point 82315 Patrol Boat
Point Comfort Point 82317 Patrol Boat
Point Countess Point 82335 Patrol Boat
Point Cypress Point 82326 Patrol Boat
Point Divide Point 82337 Patrol Boat
Point Doran Point 82375 Patrol Boat
Point Dume Point 82325 Patrol Boat
Point Ellis Point 82330 Patrol Boat
Point Estero Point 82344 Patrol Boat
Point Evans Point 82354 Patrol Boat
Point Francis Point 82356 Patrol Boat
Point Franklin Point 82350 Patrol Boat
Point Gammon Point 82328 Patrol Boat
Point Garnet Point 82310 Patrol Boat
Point Glass Point 82336 Patrol Boat