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United States of America (USCG)

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Coast Guard
Ship Prefix: USCGC - United States Coast Guard Cutter
Vessels on World Warships: 314

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Sea Dragon Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87367 Patrol Boat
Sea Fox Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87374 Patrol Boat
Seneca Bear 906 Medium Endurance Cutter
Sherman Hamilton 720 High-Endurance Cutter
Sitkinak Island 1329 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Spencer Bear 905 Medium Endurance Cutter
Steadfast Reliance 623 Medium Endurance Cutter
Stratton Legend 752 National Security Cutter (Large)
Tahoma Bear 908 Medium Endurance Cutter
Tampa Bear 902 Medium Endurance Cutter
Tarpon Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87310 Patrol Boat
Tern Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) 87343 Patrol Boat
Thetis Bear 910 Medium Endurance Cutter
Tybee Island 1330 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Valiant Reliance 621 Medium Endurance Cutter
Venturous Reliance 625 Medium Endurance Cutter
Vigilant Reliance 617 Medium Endurance Cutter
Vigorous Reliance 627 Medium Endurance Cutter
Waesche Legend 751 National Security Cutter (Large)
Washington Island 1331 Coast Guard Patrol Craft
William Flores Sentinel 1103 Fast Response Cutter
William Trump Sentinel 1111 Fast Response Cutter
Winslow W. Griesser Sentinel 1116 Fast Response Cutter
Wrangell Island 1332 Coast Guard Patrol Craft

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Point Glover Point 82307 Patrol Boat
Point Grace Point 82323 Patrol Boat
Point Grey Point 82324 Patrol Boat
Point Hannon Point 82355 Patrol Boat
Point Harris Point 82376 Patrol Boat
Point Herron Point 82318 Patrol Boat
Point Heyer Point 82369 Patrol Boat
Point Highland Point 82333 Patrol Boat
Point Hobart Point 82377 Patrol Boat
Point Hope Point 82302 Patrol Boat
Point Hudson Point 82322 Patrol Boat
Point Huron Point 82357 Patrol Boat
Point Jackson Point 82378 Patrol Boat
Point Jefferson Point 82306 Patrol Boat
Point Judith Point 82345 Patrol Boat
Point Kennedy Point 82320 Patrol Boat
Point Knoll Point 82367 Patrol Boat
Point League Point 82304 Patrol Boat
Point Ledge Point 82334 Patrol Boat
Point Lobos Point 82366 Patrol Boat
Point Lomas Point 82321 Patrol Boat
Point Lookout Point 82341 Patrol Boat
Point Marone Point 82331 Patrol Boat
Point Martin Point 82379 Patrol Boat