United States of America

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Navy
Ship Prefix: USS - United States Ship
Date Formed: 13 October 1775
March: Anchors Aweigh
Colours: Blue, Gold
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
(Strength) Personnel: 321,000
Vessels on World Warships: 3508

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designationsort icon
Joint Venture Joint Venture HSV-X1
Supply Supply 6 Combat Support Ship
Arctic Supply 8 Combat Support Ship
Bridge Supply 10 Combat Support Ship
John Lenthall Henry J. Kaiser 189 Replenishment Oiler
Walter S. Diehl Henry J. Kaiser 193 Replenishment Oiler
John Ericsson Henry J. Kaiser 194 Replenishment Oiler
Leroy Grumman Henry J. Kaiser 195 Replenishment Oiler
Kanawha Henry J. Kaiser 196 Replenishment Oiler
Pecos Henry J. Kaiser 197 Replenishment Oiler
Big Horn Henry J. Kaiser 198 Replenishment Oiler
Tippecanoe Henry J. Kaiser 199 Replenishment Oiler
Guadalupe Henry J. Kaiser 200 Replenishment Oiler
Patuxent Henry J. Kaiser 201 Replenishment Oiler
Yukon Henry J. Kaiser 202 Replenishment Oiler
Laramie Henry J. Kaiser 203 Replenishment Oiler
Rapphannock Henry J. Kaiser 204 Replenishment Oiler
Safeguard Safeguard 50 Salvage Ship
Salvor Safeguard 52 Salvage Ship
Bunker Hill Bunker Hill 52 Guided Missile Cruiser
Mobile Bay Bunker Hill 53 Guided Missile Cruiser
Antietam Bunker Hill 54 Guided Missile Cruiser
Leyte Gulf Bunker Hill 55 Guided Missile Cruiser
San Jacinto Bunker Hill 56 Guided Missile Cruiser

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designationsort icon
Puget Sound Samuel Gompers 38 Destroyer Tender
Acadia Yellowstone 42 Destroyer Tender
Dixie Dixie 14 Destroyer Tender
Prairie Dixie 15 Destroyer Tender
Piedmont Dixie 17 Destroyer Tender
Sierra Dixie 18 Destroyer Tender
Yosemite Dixie 19 Destroyer Tender
Samuel Gompers Samuel Gompers 37 Destroyer Tender
Yellowstone Yellowstone 41 Destroyer Tender
Cape Cod Yellowstone 43 Destroyer Tender
Shenandoah Yellowstone 44 Destroyer Tender
Kilauea Kilauea 26 Ammunition Ship
Flint Kilauea 32 Ammunition Ship
Shasta Kilauea 33 Ammunition Ship
Mount Baker Kilauea 34 Ammunition Ship
Kiska Kilauea 35 Ammunition Ship
Butte Kilauea 27 Ammunition Ship
Santa Barbara Kilauea 28 Ammunition Ship
Mount Hood Kilauea 29 Ammunition Ship
Suribachi Suribachi 21 Ammunition Ship
Mount Baker Lassen 4 Ammunition Ship
Mauna Kea Suribachi 22 Ammunition Ship
Nitro Nitro 23 Ammunition Ship
Pyro Nitro 24 Ammunition Ship

Future Ships

Name Class Hull Number Pennant Designationsort icon
Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong 27 Oceanographic Research Ship
Sally Ride Neil Armstrong 28 Oceanographic Research Ship
John Lewis John Lewis 205 T-AO205 Replenishment Oiler
Robert F. Kennedy John Lewis 208 T-AO208 Replenishment Oiler
Harvey Milk John Lewis 206 T-AO206 Replenishment Oiler
Earl Warren John Lewis 207 T-AO207 Replenishment Oiler
Lucy Stone John Lewis 209 T-AO209 Replenishment Oiler
Sojourner Truth John Lewis 210 T-AO210 Replenishment Oiler
John F. Kennedy Gerald R. Ford 79 Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Enterprise Gerald R. Ford 80 Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Ralph Johnson Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 114 Guided Missile Destroyer
Thomas Hudner Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 116 Guided Missile Destroyer
Paul Ignatius Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 117 Guided Missile Destroyer
Daniel Inouye Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 118 Guided Missile Destroyer
Michael Monsoor Zumwalt 1001 Guided Missile Destroyer
Lyndon B Johnson Zumwalt 1002 Guided Missile Destroyer
Delbert D. Black Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 119 Guided Missile Destroyer
Carl M. Levin Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 120 Guided Missile Destroyer
T. John Basilone Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 122 Guided Missile Destroyer
Jack H. Lucas - (Arleigh Burke Flight III) 125 Guided Missile Destroyer
Frank E. Petersen Jr. Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 121 Guided Missile Destroyer
Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 123 Guided Missile Destroyer
Harvey C. Barnum Jr. Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 124 Guided Missile Destroyer
Louis H. Wilson Jr. - (Arleigh Burke Flight III) 126 Guided Missile Destroyer