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United States of America

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Navy
Ship Prefix: USS - United States Ship
Date Formed: 13 October 1775
March: Anchors Aweigh
Colours: Blue, Gold
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
(Strength) Personnel: 321,000
Vessels on World Warships: 3508

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
William H. Standley Belknap 32 Guided Missile Cruiser
William M. Wood Gearing (Fram I) 715 Destroyer
William R. Rush Gearing (Fram I) 714 Destroyer
William V. Pratt Coontz 44 Guided Missile Destroyer
Williams Wickes 108 Destroyer
Willis Edsall 395 Destroyer Escort
Willis A. Lee Mitscher 4 Destroyer
Wilson Benham 408 Destroyer
Wiltsie Gearing (Fram I) 716 Destroyer
Windham Bay Casablanca 92 Escort Carrier
Windham County Terrebonne Parish 1170 Landing Ship Tank
Windhover Kittiwake 18 Submarine Rescue Ship
Winslow Porter 359 Destroyer
Wisconsin Iowa 64 Battleship
Wolffish Balao 434 Submarine
Wood County De Soto County 1178 Landing Ship Tank
Woodpecker Redwing (MSC 200) 209 Coastal Minesweeper
Woodrow R. Thompson Gearing 721 Destroyer
Woodrow Wilson Lafayette 624 Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Woodworth Benson 460 Destroyer
Woolsey Gleaves 437 Destroyer
Woolsey Wickes 77 Destroyer
Woonsocket Tacoma 32 Frigate
Worchester Worchester 144 Light Cruiser