United States of America

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Navy
Ship Prefix: USS - United States Ship
Date Formed: 13 October 1775
March: Anchors Aweigh
Colours: Blue, Gold
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
(Strength) Personnel: 321,000
Vessels on World Warships: 3508

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Columbus Los Angeles (688I) 762 Submarine (Nuclear)
Comstock Whidbey Island 45 Amphibious Transport Dock
Conneticut Seawolf 22 Submarine (Nuclear)
Coronado Independence 4 Littoral Combat Ship
Cowpens Bunker Hill 63 Guided Missile Cruiser
Curtis Wilbur Arleigh Burke 54 Guided Missile Destroyer
Dallas Los Angeles (688) 700 Submarine (Nuclear)
Decatur Mahan (Arleigh Burke Flight II) 73 Guided Missile Destroyer
Defender Avenger 2 Ocean Minesweeper
Devastator Avenger 6 Ocean Minesweeper
Dewey Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 105 Guided Missile Destroyer
Dextrous Avenger 13 Ocean Minesweeper
Donald Cook Mahan (Arleigh Burke Flight II) 75 Guided Missile Destroyer
Dwight D. Eisenhower Nimitz 69 Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Essex Wasp 2 Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Farragut Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 99 Guided Missile Destroyer
Fitzgerald Arleigh Burke 62 Guided Missile Destroyer
Florida Ohio 728 Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Forrest Sherman Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 98 Guided Missile Destroyer
Fort McHenry Whidbey Island 43 Amphibious Transport Dock
Fort Worth Freedom 3 Littoral Combat Ship
Freedom Freedom 1 Littoral Combat Ship
Gabrielle Giffords Independence 10 Littoral Combat Ship
George H.W. Bush Theodore Roosevelt 77 Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Alchemy Admirable 141 Fleet Minesweeper
Alecto Portunus 14 Patrol Craft tender
Alexander Hamilton Lafayette 617 Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Alexandria Tacoma 18 Frigate
Alfred A. Cunningham Allen M. Sumner (Fram II) 752 Destroyer
Alger Cannon 101 Destroyer Escort
Allen M. Sumner Allen M. Sumner (Fram II) 692 Destroyer
Allentown Tacoma 52 Frigate
Alsea Abnaki 97 Fleet Ocean Tug
Altamaha Bogue 18 Escort Carrier
Amberjack Guppy II 522 Submarine
Amberjack Gato 219 Submarine
America Kitty Hawk 66 Aircraft Carrier
Amherst PCE(R)-848 853 Corvette
Ammen Fletcher 527 Destroyer
Amphion Amphion (Repair) 13 Repair Ship
Amphitrite Achelous 29 Repair Ship
Amsterdam Cleveland 101 Light Cruiser
Amycus Achelous 2 Repair Ship
Anchorage Anchorage 36 Amphibious Transport Dock
Anderson Sims 411 Destroyer
Andrew J. Higgins Henry J. Kaiser 190 Replenishment Oiler
Andrew Jackson Lafayette 619 Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Angler Gato 240 Submarine

Future Ships

Name Class Hull Number Pennant Designation
Portland San Antonio 27 Amphibious Transport Dock
Ralph Johnson Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 114 Guided Missile Destroyer
Robert F. Kennedy John Lewis 208 T-AO208 Replenishment Oiler
Sally Ride Neil Armstrong 28 Oceanographic Research Ship
Sioux City Freedom 11 Littoral Combat Ship
Sojourner Truth John Lewis 210 T-AO210 Replenishment Oiler
South Dakota Virginia 790 Submarine (Nuclear)
St Louis Freedom 19 Littoral Combat Ship
T. John Basilone Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 122 Guided Missile Destroyer
Thomas Hudner Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 116 Guided Missile Destroyer
Tripoli America 7 Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
Tulsa Independence 16 Littoral Combat Ship
Utah Virginia 801 Submarine (Nuclear)
Vermont Virginia 792 Submarine (Nuclear)
Washington Virginia 787 Submarine (Nuclear)
Wichita Freedom 13 Littoral Combat Ship