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United States of America

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Navy
Ship Prefix: USS - United States Ship
Date Formed: 13 October 1775
March: Anchors Aweigh
Colours: Blue, Gold
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
(Strength) Personnel: 321,000
Vessels on World Warships: 3508

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Hue City Bunker Hill 66 Guided Missile Cruiser
Hurricane Cyclone 3 Patrol Boat
Illinois Virginia 786 Submarine (Nuclear)
Independence Independence 2 Littoral Combat Ship
Iwo Jima Wasp 7 Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Jacksonville Los Angeles (688) 699 Submarine (Nuclear)
James E. Williams Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 95 Guided Missile Destroyer
Jason Dunham Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 109 Guided Missile Destroyer
Jefferson City Los Angeles (688I) 759 Submarine (Nuclear)
Jimmy Carter Seawolf 23 Submarine (Nuclear)
John C. Stennis Theodore Roosevelt 74 Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
John Ericsson Henry J. Kaiser 194 Replenishment Oiler
John Finn Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 113 Guided Missile Destroyer
John Lenthall Henry J. Kaiser 189 Replenishment Oiler
John Paul Jones Arleigh Burke 53 Guided Missile Destroyer
John S. McCain Arleigh Burke 56 Guided Missile Destroyer
John Warner Virginia 785 Submarine (Nuclear)
Joint Venture Joint Venture HSV-X1
Kanawha Henry J. Kaiser 196 Replenishment Oiler
Kearsarge Wasp 3 Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Kentucky Ohio 737 Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Key West Los Angeles (VLS) 722 Submarine (Nuclear)
Kidd Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 100 Guided Missile Destroyer
La Jolla Los Angeles (688) 701 Submarine (Nuclear)

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Armstrong County LST-1 57 Landing Ship Tank
Arnold J. Isbell Gearing (Fram I) 869 Destroyer
Arthur W. Radford Spruance 968 Destroyer
Asheville Asheville 84 Patrol Combatant
Asheville Rother (River) 1 Frigate
Ashtabula Ashtabula 51 Small Fleet Oiler
Askari Achelous 30 Repair Ship
Aspire Admirable 146 Fleet Minesweeper
Aspro Balao 309 Submarine
Aspro Sturgeon 648 Submarine (Nuclear)
Assail Admirable 147 Fleet Minesweeper
Assurance Ability 521 Ocean Minesweeper
Astoria Cleveland 90 Light Cruiser
Astoria New Orleans 34 Heavy Cruiser
Astute Admirable 148 Fleet Minesweeper
Atakapa Achomawi 149 Fleet Ocean Tug
Atchison County LST-1 60 Landing Ship Tank
Atlanta Los Angeles (688) 712 Submarine (Nuclear)
Atlanta Cleveland 104 Light Cruiser
Atlas Achelous 7 Repair Ship
Attu Casablanca 102 Escort Carrier
Aubrey Fitch Oliver Hazard Perry 34 Guided Missile Frigate
Augury Admirable 149 Fleet Minesweeper
Augusta Los Angeles (688) 710 Submarine (Nuclear)