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United States of America

National Flag


Name of Service: United States Navy
Ship Prefix: USS - United States Ship
Date Formed: 13 October 1775
March: Anchors Aweigh
Colours: Blue, Gold
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
(Strength) Personnel: 321,000
Vessels on World Warships: 3508

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Oak Hill Harpers Ferry 51 Amphibious Transport Dock
Ohio Ohio 726 Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Oklahoma City Los Angeles (VLS) 723 Submarine (Nuclear)
Olympia Los Angeles (688) 717 Submarine (Nuclear)
Oscar Austin Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 79 Guided Missile Destroyer
Pasadena Los Angeles (688I) 752 Submarine (Nuclear)
Patriot Avenger 7 Ocean Minesweeper
Patuxent Henry J. Kaiser 201 Replenishment Oiler
Paul Hamilton Arleigh Burke 60 Guided Missile Destroyer
Pearl Harbour Harpers Ferry 52 Amphibious Transport Dock
Pecos Henry J. Kaiser 197 Replenishment Oiler
Pennsylvania Ohio 735 Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Philippine Sea Bunker Hill 58 Guided Missile Cruiser
Pinckney Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 91 Guided Missile Destroyer
Pioneer Avenger 9 Ocean Minesweeper
Pittsburgh Los Angeles (VLS) 720 Submarine (Nuclear)
Ponce Austin 15 Amphibious Transport Dock
Port Royal Bunker Hill 73 Guided Missile Cruiser
Porter Mahan (Arleigh Burke Flight II) 78 Guided Missile Destroyer
Preble Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) 88 Guided Missile Destroyer
Princeton Bunker Hill 59 Guided Missile Cruiser
Providence Los Angeles (VLS) 719 Submarine (Nuclear)
Ramage Arleigh Burke 61 Guided Missile Destroyer
Rapphannock Henry J. Kaiser 204 Replenishment Oiler

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Bashaw Gato 241 Submarine
Basilone Gearing (Fram I) 824 Destroyer
Bass Barracuda 551 Submarine
Bastogne Commencement Bay 124 Escort Carrier
Bataan Independence 29 Light Carrier
Batfish Sturgeon 681 Submarine (Nuclear)
Bath Tacoma 55 Frigate
Baton Rouge Los Angeles (688) 689 Submarine (Nuclear)
Bauer Courtney 1025 Destroyer Escort
Baussell Gearing (Fram I) 845 Destroyer
Bayonne Tacoma 21 Frigate
Beacon Asheville 99 Patrol Combatant
Beale Fletcher 471 Destroyer
Bearss Fletcher 654 Destroyer
Beatty Allen M. Sumner 756 Destroyer
Beatty Gleaves 640 Destroyer
Beaufort Edenton 2 Salvage & Rescue Ship
Belfast Tacoma 35 Frigate
Belknap Belknap 26 Guided Missile Cruiser
Bell Fletcher 587 Destroyer
Bell Wickes 95 Destroyer
Belle Grove Ashland 2 Landing Ship Dock
Belleau Wood Tarawa 3 Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Belleau Wood Independence 24 Light Carrier