2017-01-19 PLAN Ezhou commissioned

Ezhou (513) is the latest Type056 corvette to be commissioned into the Chinese Navy (PLAN)

2016-12-29: PLAN Binzhou Commissioned

Binzhou the 23rd Type 054A (NATO: Jiangkai II) class Frigate of the Chinese Navy was commissioned in Zhoushan and will begin service with the East Sea Fleet.

2016-12-23: Knyaz Pozharsky Laid Down

The eighth and possibly final Borei (Project 955) class Nuclear powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN) for the Russian Navy was laid down at JSC PO Sevmash, Severodvinsk on 23 December 2016. She will be the fifth of the Project 955A variant. Knyaz Pozharsky translates as Prince Pozharsky.

2016-12-15: Nuship Brisbane launched

The future HMAS Brisbane was launched by Navantia Australia this morning.

2016-09-20: DDG 125 & 126 named

In a ceremony at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Sept. 17, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, DDG 125, will be named Jack H. Lucas in honor of the Marine Corps hero and Medal of Honor recipient. Mabus also announced that DDG 126 would be named Louis H. Wilson Jr. in honor of the 26th commandant of the Marine Corps who was also a Medal of Honor recipient.

2015-09-30: Simpson bows out

USS Simpson the final remaining active Oliver Hazard Perry class guided missile frigate was decommissioned from the United States Navy today.

2015-09-25: France sells two Mistral's to Egypt

France has today agreed to a 950 Euro deal to sell the two embargoed Mistral class helicopter carriers originally under construction for Russia to Egypt.

Singapore concerned over naming of Indonesian navy ship after executed commandos

Singapore has registered its concerns over Indonesia’s naming of a navy ship after two Indonesian marines who took part in the 1965 bombing of MacDonald House on Orchard Road.

Singapore’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday night that Foreign Minister K Shanmugam spoke to his Indonesian counterpart, Dr Marty Natalegawa, to register these concerns “and the impact this would have on the feelings of Singaporeans, especially the families of the victims”.

Turkey strengthens its navy

Turkey is building up its naval forces in a bid to address shared regional threats and strengthen its position as a force on the seas, experts told SES Türkiye.
In co-operation with the Military Electronic Industries (Aselsan), Turkish Aerospace Industries, and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) the government is building a new generation of naval hardware, including homemade amphibious ships, auxiliary ships, radar systems, and coastal security boats and warships.

HMCS Windsor shore bound after engine failure

The Royal Canadian Navy's only submarine on the East Coast will be pulled from service for up to a year because of engine woes, CBC News has learned.

HMCS Windsor, which completed a $209-million refit just 18 months ago, will be hauled from the water in March, the navy has confirmed to CBC News.

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Future HMAS Brisbane laid down

3 Feb 2014: The second 'Hobart' class guided missile destroyer to be named 'Brisbane' was laid down today at the ASC facility outside Adelaide.

BNS Abu Bakar, BNS Ali Haider de-commissioned

Tarek Mahmud,Chittagong

The two renowned warships of the country’s navy force are going to be replaced with newly procured 053H2 Frigate ships from China.

The first two Frigate ships - BNS Abu Bakar and BNS Ali Haider - were de-commissioned from Bangladesh Navy (BN) at a programme at BNS Isha Khan Jetty in Chittagong on Wednesday.

The two renowned warships of the country’s navy force are going to be replaced with newly procured 053H2 Frigate ships from China, said navy sources.

Russia to upgrade Admiral Nakhimov

United Shipbuilding Corporation will begin a four year upgrade of the nuclear powered 'Kirov' class cruiser 'Admiral Nakhimov', with the vessel scheduled to be returned to the Russian Navy in 2018.

Admiral Nakhimov has languished in reserve for a number of years; the victim of post-Soviet era budget cuts and a lack of maintenance.

Of the four 'Kirov' class cruisers; the first of class 'Kirov' was commissioned in 1980 and renamed 'Admiral Ushakov' in 1992; and it is doubtful she will see further service.

Poland receives offers for new submarines

The Polish Government has received 8 submissions for the technical dialogue to supply three new submarines for the Polish Navy. Presently Poland operates 4 'Kobben' class (expected to be retired @2015) and a single 'Kilo' class submarine.

Poland hopes to have two of the new subamrines operational by 2021-22 and the third by 2030. The project is a component of an overall modernisation of the Polish Navy.

Vietnam doubles its submarine fleet!

Admiralty Verfi Shipyards has handed the second 'Kilo' class subamrine over to Vietnam; effectively doubling that countries submarine force!