Russia to upgrade Admiral Nakhimov

United Shipbuilding Corporation will begin a four year upgrade of the nuclear powered 'Kirov' class cruiser 'Admiral Nakhimov', with the vessel scheduled to be returned to the Russian Navy in 2018.

Admiral Nakhimov has languished in reserve for a number of years; the victim of post-Soviet era budget cuts and a lack of maintenance.

Of the four 'Kirov' class cruisers; the first of class 'Kirov' was commissioned in 1980 and renamed 'Admiral Ushakov' in 1992; and it is doubtful she will see further service.

The final three ships in the class were built to a modified design; 'Frunze' commissioned in 1984; renamed 'Admiral Lazarev' in 1992 and in reserve for most of the last decade. 'Admiral Nakhimov' was originally 'Kalinin' commissioned in 1988 and like her sisters was renamed in 1992; whilst the final ship was launched as 'Yuri Andropov' in 1989; renamed to 'Pyotr Velikiy' in 1992 but not completed and commissioned until 1998; she is the only one of the four in current service and is currently deployed in the Mediterranean.