Russia to upgrade Admiral Nakhimov

United Shipbuilding Corporation will begin a four year upgrade of the nuclear powered 'Kirov' class cruiser 'Admiral Nakhimov', with the vessel scheduled to be returned to the Russian Navy in 2018.

Admiral Nakhimov has languished in reserve for a number of years; the victim of post-Soviet era budget cuts and a lack of maintenance.

Of the four 'Kirov' class cruisers; the first of class 'Kirov' was commissioned in 1980 and renamed 'Admiral Ushakov' in 1992; and it is doubtful she will see further service.

Poland receives offers for new submarines

The Polish Government has received 8 submissions for the technical dialogue to supply three new submarines for the Polish Navy. Presently Poland operates 4 'Kobben' class (expected to be retired @2015) and a single 'Kilo' class submarine.

Poland hopes to have two of the new subamrines operational by 2021-22 and the third by 2030. The project is a component of an overall modernisation of the Polish Navy.

Vietnam doubles its submarine fleet!

Admiralty Verfi Shipyards has handed the second 'Kilo' class subamrine over to Vietnam; effectively doubling that countries submarine force!

Indonesia looking at acquiring Kilo class submarines

The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) will send a delegation to Russia early in the new year to investigate the possibility of acquiring a number of Kilo class submarines.

Indonesia currently operates two Type 209/1300 submarines purchased from Germany in the early 1980's; and has been looking to modernise and expand her submarine force in recent years. In addition to the Kilo's Indonesia has been looking at possible submarine procurement from South Korea.

Severodvinsk set to commission.

The first Yasen class submarine K-560 Severodvinsk will be commissioned into the Russian Navy on Monday 30 December.

Two further Yasen class submarines are currently under construction, whilst planning indicates a class of at least six.

Adelaide begins long journey to Australia

The future HMAS Adelaide has begun the 8 week journey from her builders yard (Navantia) in Spain to BAE Systems in Williamtown, Victoria for outfitting.

Loaded onboard the semi-submersible heavy lift ship 'Blue Marlin'for the journey to Australia; Adelaide is due to commission in late 2015. Her sister-ship the future HMAS Canberra is nearing the end of her out-fitting and will commission during 2014 thus becoming the RAN's largest ship.

South Korea set to build three more Aegis equiped destroyers

Wednesday 10 December 2013

Yesterday the Korea Joint Chiefs of staff agreed to build an additional three Aegis equipped Destroyers. Korea currently operates 3 Aegis equipped Destroyers and these vessels are operating at capacity as the fleet requirement is for four vessels to allow for maintenance.

It is not clear yet whether these three new ships will be of the same KDX-III (Sejong Daewang) class already in service with the South Korean Navy; a modification or upgraded version or an entirely new class of ship.

The new ships are expected to enter service between 2023 and 2027.

What will happen with INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant the last remaining Royal Navy World War II era light fleet aircraft carrier (she was launched as HMS Hercules - Majestic class) is currently languishing in an Indian shipyard awaiting her fate. The Majestic class was an improvement on the preceeding Colossus class light fleet aircraft carrier utilising the same hull but incorporating design improvements. Together the two classes are often referred to as the 1942 Design Light Fleet Carrier.

Israel looking to build its fleet

The Israeli Navy is lookig to procure new vessels to protect its interests in the Mediterannean; especially around its oil production platforms.

A number of sources are touting a range of options for the Israeli's, including two Destroyer size vessels from Germany; up to four Corvettes and more patrol boats. What isn't certain though is whether these projects are concurrent or whether the idea at present is to gauge the best value for money and then select one option.

Angola's naval buildup?

Reports coming out of Europe suggest that Angola is set to buy a number of decommissioned Spanish Naval Vessels including the V/STOL Aircraft Carrier Principe de Asturias (R-11).

In addition the Newport class landing ship Pizarro (L-42); converted Descubierta class frigate Diana (M-11 ex F-32) and two patrol vessels Izaro (P-27) and Chilreu (P-61) all also included in the deal.

Prior to any transfer Principe de Asturias which was decommissioned in February this year would need to be overhauled and this would most likely occur at the Ferrol shipyards.

Navy patrol boat under construction sinks at shipyard

CHANGWON, South Korea, Nov. 25 (Yonhap) -- A moored Navy guided missile patrol boat under construction sank at a shipyard due to strong winds, the shipbuilder said Monday.

Sources said the 430-ton Gumdoksuri Class patrol killer guided missile (PKG) boat started sinking at around 3 a.m. as it was pounded by strong winds and waves. The boat, armed with 76 millimeter guns, was one of 24 being built to replace smaller Chamsuri Class patrol boats serving in the Navy.

First harbor trial completed for Australian helicopter docking vessel

CANBERRA, Australia, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- Australia's newest landing helicopter dock ship, the Canberra, successfully completed a vehicle loading trial at Williamstown, near Melbourne in the southern state of Victoria.

The ship moved from its BAE berth, where BAE is integrating the superstructure, hull, combat systems and communications systems, across the bay to Webb Dock, Navy Daily, the navy's official newspaper, reported.

Fire breaks out on Russian nuclear submarine

A fire has broken out on a Russian nuclear submarine undergoing repairs, but no injuries or radiation leaks have been reported.

Russian news reports said the fire on the Tomsk submarine at repair yards in the Pacific coast city of Bolshoi Kamen had been extinguished with foam on Monday.

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Indonesian firm bags P4-b Navy supply deal

The Department of National Defense on Thursday declared an Indonesia company as winner of a P4-billion contract to build two multi-role vessels for the Philippine Navy.

The Bids and Awards Committee chaired by Efren Fernandez, Assistant Secretary for Personnel, said that PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) was the “lone eligible bidder” with a bid price offer of P3,863,999,520.

INS Sindhurakshak catches fire at naval dockyard in Mumbai

MUMBAI: A huge explosion accompanied by a fire rocked an Indian Navy submarine docked at the high security naval dockyard early on Wednesday, officials said.

The blast followed by a fire occurred shortly after midnight on the INS Sindhurakshak submarine.

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