Index of Ships


Name Pennant Country Type Class Launchedsort icon Status
Bush 529 DD Fletcher Sunk (Action)
Prince of Wales CV Queen Elizabeth Authorised
Audacious S122 SSN Astute Under Construction
Anson S123 SSN Astute Under Construction
Agamemnon S124 SSN Astute Under Construction
Ajax S125 SSN Astute Authorised
Manta LM25 PC Manta In Service
Larrakia 84 PB Armidale In Service
Bathurst 85 PB Armidale In Service
Albany 86 PB Armidale In Service
Pirie 87 PB Armidale In Service
Broome 90 PB Armidale In Service
Bundaberg 91 PB Armidale Scrapped
Wollongong 92 PB Armidale In Service
Childers 93 PB Armidale In Service
Launceston 94 PB Armidale In Service
Maryborough 95 PB Armidale In Service
Glenelg 96 PB Armidale In Service
Rabaul 01 PB ASI-315 In Service
Moresby 04 PB ASI-315 In Service
Salamaua 31 LCH Balikpapan In Service
Buna 32 LCH Balikpapan In Service
Kula 201 PB ASI-315 In Service
Kikau 202 PB ASI-315 In Service
Kiro 203 PB ASI-315 In Service
Teanoai 301 PB ASI-315 In Service
Lomor 03 PB ASI-315 In Service
Palakir 01 PB ASI-315 In Service
Micronesia 02 PB ASI-315 In Service
Independence 05 PB ASI-315 In Service
President H.I. Remelik 001 PB ASI-315 In Service
Neiafu 201 PB ASI-315 In Service
Savea 203 PB ASI-315 In Service
Te Mataeli 801 PB ASI-315 In Service
Charles Berry 1035 DE Claud Jones Transferred
Rotoiti P3569 PB Taupo In Service
Endeavour A11 AOR Endeavour In Service
Illinois 65 BB Iowa Construction Cancelled
Kentucky 66 BB Iowa Construction Cancelled
Indefatigable BC Indefatigable Sunk (Action)
New Zealand BC Indefatigable Stricken
Salamaua L131 LCH Balikpapan Transferred
Buna L132 LCH Balikpapan Transferred
Jervis Bay 45 LPA Jervis Bay (Incat) Lease Expired
New Haven DDL Norfolk Construction Cancelled
Tripoli 7 LHA America Under Construction
Bougainville 8 LHA America Ordered
Pangai 202 PB ASI-315 In Service
Thomas Hudner 116 DDG Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) Under Construction
Waterhen DD Daring (Australia) Construction Cancelled
Illinois 786 SSN Virginia Under Construction
Washington 787 SSN Virginia Under Construction
Colorado 788 SSN Virginia Under Construction
Indiana 789 SSN Virginia Ordered
South Dakota 790 SSN Virginia Under Construction
Delaware 791 SSN Virginia Under Construction
John F. Kennedy 79 CVN Gerald R. Ford Under Construction
Enterprise 80 CVN Gerald R. Ford Authorised
Aridhaman SSN Arihant Under Construction
Suffren SSN Barracuda Under Construction
Duguay-Trouin SSN Barracuda Under Construction
Varyag CV Kuznetsov Transferred
Velayet 77 FF Mowj Under Construction
Jamaran 76 FF Mowj In Service
Rajput D51 DDG Rajput In Service
Rana D52 DDG Rajput In Service
Ranjit D53 DDG Rajput In Service
Ranvir D54 DDG Rajput In Service
Ranvijay D55 DDG Rajput In Service
Betwa F39 FFG Bramaputra Status Unknown
Chakra SSN Akula II (Project 09710) In Service
K-337 Kuguar SSN Akula II (Project 09710) Construction Cancelled
K-333 Rys SSN Akula II (Project 09710) Construction Cancelled
Iribis SSN Akula I (Project 971) Construction Cancelled
Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya CG Slava Construction Cancelled
Ukrayina CG Slava Status Unknown
Admiral Basistiy DDG Udaloy II (Project 11551) Construction Cancelled
Admiral Kucherov DDG Udaloy II (Project 11551) Construction Cancelled
Yekaterinburg DDG Sovremennyy (Project 956) Transferred
Aleksandr Nevskiy DDG Sovremennyy (Project 956) Transferred
Yaroslav Mudryy 727 FFG Neustrashimy (Project 11540) In Service
Hetman Bayda Vyshnevetsky U131 FFG Krivak III Construction Cancelled
Dagger G23 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Rifle G21 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Spear G30 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Culverin G28 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Howitzer G44 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Longbow G55 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Sword G85 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Musket DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Lance DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Claymore G34 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Dirk G02 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Grenade G53 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Halberd G99 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Poniard G06 DD Weapon (Battleaxe) Construction Cancelled
Hamza 139 SS Agosta 90B In Service
Isaac Peral S81 SS S-80 Under Construction
Narciso Monturiol S82 SS S-80 Under Construction
Cosme Garcia S83 SS S-80 Ordered
Mateo Garcia de los Reyes S85 SS S-80 Ordered
Nasr 47 AOF Fuqing In Service
Tun Razak SS Scorpene In Service
Riachuelo S40 SS Scorpene Under Construction
- S52 SS Scorpene Under Construction
- S53 SS Scorpene Under Construction
- S54 SS Scorpene Ordered
- S55 SS Scorpene Ordered
Humaita S41 SS Scorpene Under Construction
Casma 30 PTG Sa'ar IV In Service
Papudo 35 PTG Sa'ar IV Scrapped
Iquique 32 PG Sa'ar 3 Scrapped
Covadonga 33 PG Sa'ar 3 Scrapped
TK-210 SSBN Typhoon (Project 941 Akula) Construction Cancelled
B-586 Kronshtadt SS Lada (Project 677) Under Construction
B-587 Sevastopol SS Lada (Project 677) Under Construction
Santa Fe 43 SS TR-1700 Construction Cancelled
Santiago del Estero 44 SS TR-1700 Construction Cancelled
Punta Mogotes 65 PB Point In Service
Rio Santiago 66 PB Point In Service
Julio de Noronha V32 FF Inhauma In Service
Tikuna S34 SS Type 209 / 1400 In Service
Najim Al-Zafir 951 FF Jianghu I (Type 053H) In Service
El Nasser 956 FF Jianghu I (Type 053H) In Service
Daoud ben Aicha 402 LSM Champlain In Service
Ahmed es Sakali 403 LSM Champlain In Service
Abou Abdallah el Ayachi 404 LSM Champlain In Service
Rheinland-Pfalz F225 FF F125 Under Construction
Lutjens D185 DDG Lutjens Stricken
Molders D186 DDG Lutjens Preserved (Museum)
Rommel D187 DDG Lutjens Scrapped
U33 S183 SS Type 212A In Service
U36 S186 SS Type 212A In Service
Elbe A511 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Mosel A512 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Rhein A513 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Werra A514 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Main A515 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Donau A516 AD Elbe (Type 404) In Service
Berlin A1411 AOE Type 704 (Berlin) In Service
Frankfurt am Main A1412 AOE Type 704 (Berlin) In Service
Rhon A1443 AOF Rhon In Service
Spessart A1442 AOF Rhon In Service
Helgoland A1457 ATF Helgoland (Type 720) Transferred
Fehmarn A1458 ATF Helgoland (Type 720) In Service
Anwar Saddat 1011 LPD Mistral Under Construction
- LPD Mistral Ordered
- LPD Mistral Ordered
Colbert C611 CA Colbert Preserved (Museum)
Federico Martinengo F596 FF Bergamini Under Construction